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About Nemecio aka *Nemoe

"It's about   genuine   connections."

Nemecio "Nemoe" Lopez, a dedicated tattoo artist married to the game, based in the San Fernando Valley, at his shop

United Ink NoHo. His passion for drawing and the art of tattooing began early in life.


"When I'm not tattooing, I’m practicing other mediums..." such as Airbrush, Charcoal, & Pencil.


He is Infused by his Mexican culture, Nemoe specializes in realistic and meaningful pieces that will leave an indelible mark for life.


Beyond his artistic gifts, he thrives on forging genuine connections with clients, transforming their visions into enduring tattoos that resonate with the spirit of timeless tradition. Nemoe's work not only showcases his essence of rich culture but also makes each tattoo a symbol of personal resilience.


All Love

Friends, Brands, and Artists that I

hugely appreciate.

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